The Planning Meeting for HSS Water Conservation and Climate Change project, was held at our headquarters on February 28, 2017. This meeting was a formal platform for the project implementation team to recognize the start of the project. In this meeting the implementation team discussed their plan of action for 2017.

climate change

The participants of this meeting were: – Mr.Volker Lennart Plän (Resident Representative; HSS),  Mr.Sandeep Dubey (Project Manager; HSS), Mr.Suman Rathode (CEE), Mr.Samat Solanki (CEE), Ms.Soma Parthasarthy (Independent Researcher), Dr.H.S.Bhatia (Ex-Prof & Head Civil & Environmental Engineering Department D.C.E.), Dr. Shuchi Verma (Delhi University; Environment management), Ms.Richa Audichya (Local Expert from Rajasthan & Jan Chetna Sansthan), Ms.Kamla Sharma (Local Resource Person; Jaipur), Ms.Sunita Sharma (Local Partner; SARD), Mr.Sandeep Gupta Head (Finance; CSR), Ms.Rashmi Mishra (Project Officer; CSR), Ms.Esha Chaudhuri (Research and Documentation Officer; CSR) and Ms.Ritika Bhatia (Project Coordinator; CSR).

The meeting was a brilliant opportunity to discuss the next step with the project partners and experts such that their suggestions can also be incorporated at the time of planning stage such that better implementation is ensured. The participants imparted number of recommendations which the implementation team will incorporate.