On 27th April, Ms Arnika Singh and Ms Priyanka Londhe from the CSR team, travelled to the CBI Training Institute in Ghaziabad, where a total of 25 CBI police officers from across the country were present for a training on anti-human trafficking. The focus of the training was police networking to mitigate trafficking of women and girls. The most important network identified was Railway Police since many victims are transported through the route of long distance trains. The next most important network were border security forces who have knowledge of import and export of international trafficked victims. It was also discussed that local and informal sources can be most resourceful to arrive at the heart of trafficking nexus.

The trainers stressed upon the importance of community transformation as the only long term solution for mitigating trafficking because the victims and the agents come from the community itself. In order to work at community transformation, CSOs and NGOs should be roped in to not only coordinate between several government departments and their coordination but also to conduct community outreach and capacity building with the help with several stakeholders. Additionally, financial empowerment and successful rehabilitation of the victim into the social environment are indicators of successful rescue operations.

Training with CBI officials on Anti-Human Trafficking

The training was very enriching for the trainers and participants both.