About Us

Welcome to the Gender Matters | India blog, a project from Centre for Social Research in New Delhi, India. We enjoy writing about and discussing any and all matters relating to gender, development, society, culture and politics in India, South Asia and the global South.

Centre for Social Research’s core mission is to restructure gender relations toward a humane, equitable and gender-just society. We focus our attention toward empowering women, protecting and ensuring women’s rights and understanding social issues from a gender perspective.

We believe that people of all genders deserve equal rights, privileges and opportunities. We believe that women can be catalysts for and agents of social change. And we recognize that restructuring gender relations requires the participation and support of all sectors of society: women and men, young and old, grassroots to national levels, private and public institutions alike. All people, regardless of their gender or status, are decision-makers—and therefore also change-makers.

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