A poem on ‘Vision for Gender Equal India’ – Women’s Day 2019

Where feminism won’t be a subject for meme making,
Where audience will realize our hit item numbers are problematic and Munni ain’t a tandoori murgi to satisfy someone’s lust.
When Indian daily soaps will have a plot revolving around hardships faced by female protagonist to achieve her career instead of hardships faced to make husband happy and be an ideal housewife.
Where we’ll find more female E-Rickshaw drivers at Metro stations,
Where women won’t be a capillary of power,
Where girls will have equal access to technology,
Where all of us can post our snaps without fear of being judged and break ups don’t lead to revenge porn.
Where masturbation won’t be a tabooed topic and women could freely talk about their sexual pleasure,
Where sanitary napkins won’t be a luxury and those in remote places will have access to safe and hygienic washrooms.
Where license to temple won’t depend on menstruation cycle.
Where we won’t see Hijras at red light and instead find them working at MNCs.
Where drag artists would be respected and receive support from society.
Where in case of rape punishment judge will say, “Right to bodily integrated has been violated”
Instead of saying that accused has ruined life of victim.
Where breast feeding will be normal,
When women’s presence in military won’t be a distraction.
Where activist won’t deal with rape threats.
Where casual construction laborers won’t be harassed on sites.
Where our National Income and GDP would take into account Household work.
Happy women’s day. Let’s make it a reality.
– Ms. Diksha Yadav (Miranda House College, Delhi University)