Recently a new advertisement has made its way on to the internet and our TV screens, which leads us to pause and think. Vivel’s new ad, which talks about sexual harassment at the workplace, goes by the tagline #AbSamjhautaNahin. It has a short dialogue between a male boss and his female employee, wherein he hints at sexual favours from the latter, in order for her to achieve great heights in her career. She gives a quick retort, forcing him to be embarrassed. While humourous in its tone and treatment, the short but effective commercial makes us question the ever growing menace of sexual harassment, especially at the workplace.

Vivel’s endeavour, is to provoke in women the realisation of this latent conditioning, inspire them to challenge status quo, and therefore maximise their potential and live fuller lives. Centre for Social Research applauds this initiative wholeheartedly, and encourages this concept of challenging archaic notions and stereotypes. Through our Gender Training Institute, we focus primarily on this philosophy, by way of conducting gender sensitization sessions with all members of the civil society, law makers, police officials and others. This is to ensure that all the sections of society, work in tandem to ensure that women are able to achieve great heights, without any shackles of society.

We are happy to see that media campaigns are coming up, which focus on empowering women. Another example of one such campaign is Twitter’s Position of Strength, which is aimed to bridge the gender inequality prevalent in the online world.

We salute the spirit and thought behind Vivel’s new campaign, and hope to see more organizations coming up with such mainstream efforts, which will instantly connect with the masses.

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