Thank You Atif Aslam!

Atif Aslam, is not an unfamiliar name. He has been the voice behind many successful Hindi songs, and has a fan base across the world. However this past weekend, he won many more hearts by a simple gesture. In the middle of his concert in Karachi on Saturday night, he asked his crew to stop the music, and rescue a female fan who was being harassed in the front row of the audience. He asked the organizers to move the girl to a different place where she can enjoy the rest of the concert, and pulled up the boys by saying “Insaan ka bachcha ban”.

Harassment of women is not unique to any one culture or class of people. It happens across the world, in small and big ways. It is a problem which stems from people’s mindsets, and patriarchal notions of dominating women, and treating them in any manner which one likes. It is an issue which goes beyond installing CCTV cameras in public spaces, and increasing security forces across cities- it can only be dealt with by attacking archaic notions regarding women’s status.

Thus, it gives us immense pride that a public figure, associated with the masses, has made a strong point against sexual harassment of women, on a public platform. He has truly practiced what many preach, and we sincerely applaud him for this gesture.

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