The Beijing+20 Review Debate, Jamia Milia University, New Delhi

#YouBeijing20 in Preparation of The Beijing+20 Review Debate, Jamia Milia University, New Delhi

The event in Jamia Milia University was organised in collaboration with the Department of Sociology. The Head of the Department welcomed the gathering. This was followed by a presentation on the relevance of the Beijing Platform for Action and the necessity of engaging with the students of Jamia University was presented by Dr. Rajini. R. Menon.

Jamia Milia University, New Delhi

A PowerPoint presentation of seven students was followed by presidential remarks by the Dean. The students presented two street plays and one dance performance on the theme. The later part of the session was a student group discussion conducted by Ms. Mehak, Ms. Arnika and Ms. Prajaktha. Students were divided into three groups and were given different critical areas of concern to think upon. Group recommendations were followed by prizes distribution.

Jamia Milia University, New Delhi


Violence Against Women, Women & The Environment, Women in Power & Decision Making:

  1. Women should have a stronger decision making presence in administration, government, police and army. To achieve so, confidence should be boosted from primary school.
  2. Encourage workshops at school level to sensitize children in gender issues and gender equality.
  3. Gender conscious needs to be improved.
  4. Address the issue of women lacking the required identification, documents and information to access governmental schemes.
  5. Equal preference should be given to the matrilineal families.
  6. Women’s domestic care activities should be recognized as equal to men’s contribution in public sphere.
  7. Socialization from childhood should be gender sensitive.
  8. Equal pay for equal work.

Women & Media, Human Rights of Women, Women and Poverty

  1. Gender sensitization in universities.
  2. Reproductive Rights: increase women’s autonomy regarding IVF.
  3. Objectification of women should be eradicated.
  4. Beggars and single women should be provided with some employment scheme.
  5. Rights of Sex workers should be protected and institutionalised.
  6. Gender equality workshops for men should be conducted to increase awareness.

Women & The Economy

  1. More Specific schemes for housewives.
  2. Appropriate wages for all women in all sectors.
  3. Encourage women’s entrepreneurship.

Education and Training of Women:

  1. Education is a lifelong process and should not be restricted after marriage.
  2. Awareness programmes on the topic of health and self-defense.

Women in Armed Conflict:

  1. Remove arbitrary laws like AFSPA.
  2. Specific laws on sexual violence against women in armed conflict areas.
  3. Curb the arbitrariness of military.

Women & Health:

  1. Health Insurance from birth.
  2. Better sanitation facilities in public sphere and police stations.

Institutional Mechanisms for the Advancement of Women:

  1. Equal distribution of property between husband and wife.
  2. Women reservation for the post of Chief Justice.