#BroFlake aka सख़्त लोंडा

I am a feminist who grew up in south Delhi. For the last 10 years I work for a non-profit focusing on gender sensitization. So basically, the last 10 years of my social life have been “Strange encounters with BroFlakes”. From discussions on social media, to being called up on any mistake ever made by women, to being held responsible for any antisocial behaviour by members of the LGBTQ community (I have 0 complaints about this behaviour; also I never understood it).

How can anyone in the world have a problem with justice and equality? (Ok not anyone, but men just like me, we went to similar schools, have similar education, most of them make more money than I do.)

Well Well Well- equality and justice are true opponents of privilege. That explains the BroFlake phenomenon. The BroFlakes are specially vocal about topics of Dowry / Domestic Violence / Women working / Section 377 / Single Women / Clothes Women wear / Women’s Body type.

Here are my top quotes regarding the topics.

Dowry: अरे भाई, घर कैसे चलेगा (How will the house be run?)
Domestic Violence: Dude you gotta agree, women can stress you out.
Working women: भाई घर कौन चलाएगा? बच्चों को कौन पालेगा (Who will run the house, who will take care of the children?)
Section 377: सब गे (Gay) हो गए तो दुनिया का क्या होगा (If everyone becomes Gay, what will happen to society?)
Single Women: कुछ तो गड़बड़ है (Something is wrong)

Clothes Women Wear: She is such a aunty/slut. (Depending upon the percentage of skin visible)

In my earlier days I used to indulge in discussions on these topics, but as I got older, many of my acquaintances did change their vocabulary or maybe just got bored of the same discussions. Though even today I do bump into the odd BroFlake and here are my mental replies to all of them. (Usually I try and make up a phone call and get out of physical proximity of these primitive beings)

Dowry: अरे भाई, घर कैसे चलेगा – Dude, Dowry is a crime both legally and socially, you should plan your finances with your partner before you get married, both of you should know exactly what your household earns and live within your means. घर ऐसे चलेगा (That’s how the house will be run!)

Domestic Violence: Dude you gotta agree, women can stress you out – Are you kidding me! Of course women are just as irritating as men and as people of any other gender. How can you raise your hand on someone you love? Or be violent towards them in any verbal/economical/physical/psychological manner. It is a total no go.

Women working: भाई घर कौन चलाएगा? बच्चों को कौन पालेगा The answer is both of you will manage your home, both of you will raise your kids. At the end of the day, it’s a partnership. It’s 2018 and your thoughts are way too primitive; please get your brain out of the time machine.

Section 377: सब गे (Gay) हो गए तो दुनिया का क्या होगा? The planet has nothing to do with human sexual orientation. We have reached a place in science and society where people can choose whether they want children or not. Humans have had different sexual orientations since the beginning of time and the world works just fine. We should remove the primitive law left to us by the British (who removed it from their legal system in 1967)

Single Women: कुछ तो गड़बड़ है – Simple, her choice! How does some one else’s relationship status matter to you? Why should it matter to you? Relationships are difficult, need emotional investments of two or more compatible adults; why is it viewed problematic to be single?

Clothes Women Wear: She is such an aunty/slut. – Nope, its just wrong! Aunty is the person married to your uncle. Similarly the modern concept of a slut (women having many sexual partners) does not have anything to do with morality. And FINALLY clothes are just clothes, worn for fashion / comfort nothing more, nothing less.

Well next time you come across a #BroFlake do share this blog. If you are a BroFlake, hmmmm, well try not to be one!