Cyber Crime Portal

Cyber Crime Reporting Portal – Initiative by Govt. of India

With the rising cyber ‘gyaan’ (knowledge) everyday, it is clear that cyber crime is not decreasing at the rate we would like to. Some people (count me too!) also say that it will exist till cyber space exists.

So what do we do about it besides making laws? We make sure that the laws are implemented and the concerned people are trained.

The Cyber Crime Reporting portal is an initiative of Government of India under National Mission for the safety of women to facilitate victims/complainants to report cybercrime complaints online. One can report crimes anonymously, without any fear of further hassle by any party or they can also track the complaints made.

Cyber Crime Portal

The portal allows complete online process for cyber crimes pertaining to the nature of online Child Pornography (CP)/ Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) or sexually explicit content such as Rape/Gang Rape (CP/RGR) content.

Apart from the amazing fact that this portal is born from utilizing the Nirbhaya funds (kudos for visible use of funding!), it also allows users like ourselves to get some quick tips and tricks on how to be safe online. It is definite that the user’s needs to be cautious and prevent cyber crime on their part and the portal take care of that aspect as well.

By using the Twitter handle – @CyberDost, people share their stories and the handle responds with good and useful gyaan. Mind you, it’s not long, boring or the preaching kind. It’s short, simple and useable and that’s the beauty of it.

Although the portal caters to only a small bracket in the vast nature of cyber crimes, it is surely a start. The portal itself is easy to navigate from and sends the complaints directly to the concerned police station as fast as the crimes are committed. And yes, don’t go about making false complaints because legal action awaits such complainants. It is always a good idea to read through the FAQ’s before making a complaint. And do draft your complaint properly. It need not be a 1500 words of excellently written English essay but please include all the details of the incident, the victim and the suspect and be as specific as possible. It lets the authorities do their jobs swiftly and efficiently and that’s the main objective.

Here’s hoping that the complaints don’t sit in the dusty shelf of wires and desktops and are looked after in a quick and effective manner. Also, if you use it to spread good and peace, Cheers! You already made a difference.

Social Surfing ( and TweeSurfing ( is dedicated towards spreading awareness among the users on the effective and safe use of social media. All kinds of cases pertaining to cybercrimes are dealt with or referred to reliable sources. A WhatsApp Help Centre is also available at (+91-8826888302) to listen and respond to your worries, instances and queries.

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Sakshi Bansal is a student of psychology and a solo traveler. She is passionate about reforming education and incorporating social media and technological advances in her endeavors.

Sakshi Bansal