Nike Ad - Just Do It

When the Women go Da Da Ding!

A few days ago, sports giant Nike, released a new advertisement campaign in India, titled “Da Da Ding”. Featuring 10 female athletes (Joshna Chinappa, Shweta Hakke, Rani Rampal, Gabriella Demetriades, Ishita Malaviya, Jaie Bhadane, Naina Mansukhani, Swetha Subbiah, Jyoti Ann Burrett, Tanvie Hans) and Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone, the ad is a wonderful tribute to women in sports, and passes an incredible message in a catchy way, of empowering women via sports. Set against a catchy rap tune, the ad involves these women playing sports, and showcases the inherent strength of a woman.

We are elated at this campaign, and with the Rio Olympics just around the corner, feel that the timing couldn’t be more appropriate. It is refreshing to see the media industry, doing their bit for the cause of women empowerment, through catchy and hard hitting advertisements, which break stereotypes. At Centre for Social Research, we have always tried to highlight the situation of women in sports (Women’s Cricket Team, Women’s Kabaddi League, Dipa Karmakar- First Indian gymnast to qualify for Olympics), and we believe that it is important for such messages to reach the masses, for change to truly take place.

Nike Ad - Just Do It

We would also like to applaud the fact that Deepika Padukone, herself a state level badminton player, posted the video on her Facebook message with an incredible message of how being an athlete helped her through her battle with depression.

The story of Indian women in sports, is wrought with obstacles, hardships and infinite hurdles. Yet this campaign chooses to highlight the success stories, in a way which is bound to inspire and encourage.

So let’s all Da Da Ding!