New Initiative to Counter Cyber Crime by Delhi Police!

People of Delhi take heed- the Delhi Police has a new website dedicated to cyber crimes!

As members of the Safety Advisory Board of social media giants Facebook and Twitter, we have been working on the field of online safety and cyber etiquette since 2015. Through our #SocialSurfing and #Tweesurfing projects, we have reached out to over 15000 college students across India, and have connected with various celebrities on staying safe on social media, and using these platforms for positive social change. This website by Delhi Police, serves as a wonderful way to enlighten the people of Delhi NCR, on various kinds of problems which they can possibly encounter on the internet, and also provides redressal mechanisms at their fingertips.

The website has a number of sections, delineating the numerous kinds of crimes, and how one can be vulnerable to these. It is very extensive, and definitely the need of the hour!

Amitabh Kumar, Head of Media and Communication at Centre for Social Research, had this to say “Its a great move in the right direction, now its upon all stakeholders to raise awareness about this tool and also ensure its used with responsibility!”

Kudos to the Delhi Police for this initiative!