Delhi Police Follows

Wherever You Go, Delhi Police Follows

Whether it’s that incorrigible roadside Romeo who’s been stalking you for months, or that drunken lad mouthing expletives as he whizzes past your car, the Delhi police is extending its proverbial ‘lambe haath’ to nab them. In an effort to improve transparency and efficiency, the department launches its latest trial version app, “Delhi Police…One Touch Away” for android phones.

Delhi Police Follows

According to the Mobile Internet in India 2014 report, the number of mobile internet users has hit a whopping 213 million in 2015. Interestingly, over 60 percent of the internet users access the web through mobile services. With the launch of a new app, the Delhi police is sure keeping abreast with the changing times.

The app is available for free and acts as a single platform for key police services, websites and apps. It makes important contact information of Delhi police officers accessible to the people, improves user interface by bringing together various Delhi police websites and educates the citizens on various important laws.


Bollywood has often depicted our Station House Officers as pot-bellied bullies dozing off on duty or accepting under the table money. The Delhi police had earned a villainous reputation over the years, whether it be beating up of protestors during the 2012-13 Nirbhaya protests or charges of corruption. The department has also been a bone of contention between the Centre and the state, who have been vying with each other for control. With the launch of the app, the Delhi police should be in for a big image makeover.

Women in Delhi have the most harrowing time obtaining information and getting in touch with police officers. I heaved a sigh of relief, after I saw the contact directory listing the contact information of Delhi police officers with their pictures. The most impenetrable obstacle in lodging a report for a woman is approaching the police in the first place. The app makes the police seem friendlier and eager to help, providing information on helpline numbers and sending notifications regarding new plans, action and law.

The app has some very nice features like Lost report, Traffic police and Himmat app. This is just the thing for less knowledgeable mortals like myself. Since I didn’t know the officer in-charge of my area, I simply looked through the database which informed me about the area under control of each officer along with their designation and photographs. By simply tapping on the app directory I could place a direct call to the concerned officer or message them.

Delhi Police’s ‘One Touch Away’ app has made reporting a crime quick, easy and hassle-free for women like me. It tracks the exact location of the user and provides features like camera and video through which photo or video of an ongoing crime can be mailed directly to an officer. However I faced some initial hiccups operating the app after download. It started to automatically sync the officers’ contacts to the phone contacts, but took atrociously long. Also, it doesn’t seem to be compatible with all android phones. While it was incompatible with my phone, an android version 4.2.2, it worked fine on my friend’s android version 5.0.2. The app looks promising and well placed to bring about the promised ‘Shanti, Seva and Nyaya’. Despite some glitches, the app looks like the next best thing to the Vodafone pug, loyally following the user and keeping them in touch, at all times.