Educate Her to Empower Her

The fact that you are able to get to this article, and this website is indicative of many things. First, that you have access to internet. Second, that you have received some form of education. While we take it for granted, there are millions of children across the world, who lack access to this basic right.

While primary education is free for girls in India, merely this fact does not ensure that girls are going to school or that they will succeed in their studies. Secondary costs that contribute greatly to a child’s success in school are difficult for low-income families to afford. Additionally, many of these girls face violence and gender discrimination, making it even more difficult for them to attend and excel in school.


To combat these, Centre for Social Research, came up with a project to empower girls, and ensure that they are educated till a basic level. The project will sponsor the secondary costs of a successful education that families are not able to cover: additional tutorials/tuition, school supplies, books and uniforms, good nutrition. It will also support families in encouraging the education of girl children throughout the community and encouraging regular school attendance.

Through, we crowdfunded this initiative, and received a wonderful response. From our initial target for $5000, we have so far managed to crowdfund $8930. For just $200 donation, a girl has books, clothing, and a good nutrition – all critical resources that help ensure that children learn well.Each of the 40 girls in the program received their initial pack of materials including a backpack, school supplies and a uniform. Since then, each of the girls has had a bank account opened, so as to receive funds which they will be using for school supplies, tuition, and other supports for their education.


In each of our six community centres our staff has set up a system to ensure that the contribution of Rs 12,000 per girl is going directly for support of her education, including student fees, tuition healthcare. In the coming year, we plan to expand this project, to benefit 400 girls.

In the coming few blogs, we will be sharing the real life stories of some of these beneficiaries, and understand how a small effort can lead to a big change in someone’s life.

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