Social Surfing in Leh Degree College

New on Facebook – A Parents’ Portal

With over 1.79 billion users as of November 2016, Facebook’s users could form a tiny country of its users. As with any country, the demographics of Facebook users range from senior citizens to school going children. As access to internet comes in the palms of children as young as seven years of age, there is a growing need for adequate safety settings to be incorporated on Facebook, to prevent and deal with increasing cases of cyber crime.

Facebook Parents Portal

Keeping this in mind, Facebook has launched its Parents Portal, which can be best described as a one of a kind pit stop for parents across the world, to get to know about safety and security of their children in the online space. Having formed partnerships with agencies across the world, the portal has safety guides and tips, essential for parents to know to keep their children safe online. It tackles a range of issues- ranging from how to open an account, and set a strong password, to how to report online bullying, and block particular content.

We at Centre for Social Research, are proud to be partnering with Facebook in this regard. Dr Ranjana Kumari, our Director, had this to say about this collaboration – “Facebook’s Parent’s Portal is a great resource for parents who are looking to learn and work with their children to help keep them safe online. We’re pleased to partner with Facebook on these resources and offer help to parents in India through our Social Surfing initiative.”

Social Surfing in Leh Degree College

Having successfully carried out two phases of our collaboration #SocialSurfing, which aims to spread awareness on online safety across the length and breadth of India, being a part of the parents portal is a natural progression for us. We believe firmly in the power of social media and internet for social change, and feel that unless people are made aware of aspects related to maintaining their privacy online, they will not be able to use social media for the benefit of themselves and others. Thus, a parental portal is the need of the hour.

We will be developing our own section related to how parents can keep their children safe online. Check it out!

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