Dr Ranjana Kumari


Sayfty, a US based organisation which runs with a mission to provide information and equipment to women for safety purposes, devised the campaign, ‘#IFeelUnsafeWhen’ to contribute to the 16 Days of Activism initiative.

Dr Ranjana Kumari

Worldwide entries poured in and from celebrities like Nandita Das to activists like Dr. Ranjana Kumari submitted the moments when they feel unsafe. The campaign very clearly brought out the fact that safety is not limited to prevention of physical harassment, but also extends to freedom of expression, portrayal of a woman, characterization&objectification of woman, restriction to live the way they want to and the stigmas that hinder all women to step forward and lead the ways.


Dr. Ranjana Kumari, Director, Centre for Social Research in her entry strongly stated that she never feels unsafe but unfortunately the society is hell bent to create such circumstances which instills fear in women.

Other entries have highlighted situations like travelling alone in cabs, walking on dark streets, being surrounded by drunkards, restriction on mobility, choices, violence committed by women to other women and many more. Click here to Access the campaign highlights.


#IFeelUnsafe also reached out to men who very honestly penned down the weak moments when they felt unsafe. While a father quoted that he is scared to send his daughter to work in public transport, most of the young men stated that it’s uncomfortable for them when women around are not feeling safe. It portrays the kind of ideal engagement of men and boys in the women’s movement where women’s issues are not only taken up by women but equally by men. The campaign has been successful in bringing out the definition of safety in all the spheres and we feel that such entries must be reviewed by the law enforcement agencies so that they are taken into consideration while safety laws are being framed.

Violence against women has become a global epidemic and efforts are been made worldwide to provide safe spaces to women. The new age activists and conversationalistshave widely accepted social media as the platform to raise concerns and seek support for causes. While many tend to highlight its dark sides which sadly exists but it doesn’t takes away the credit for being successful in encouraging people to read and write more freely.

Just like #IFeelUnsafe, technology is fast becoming the channel to raise voices for the rights of all. The more we explore it, the reach is expanded and you can easily connect with thousands of others who are either working for the same concern or wish to contribute.

Here’s to technology and social media – the young new age activism!

#Ifeelunsafe is a continuing campaign. Email all submissions to team@sayfty.com

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