What is Feminism

Views on #FeministFeb from the Academic World

Our annual campaign for the month of February, #FeministFeb, began at the beginning of this month. While we work round the clock, all year round on issues of feminism, we try to bring in as many external voices for February as possible, so as to highlight all aspects of gender issues.

Today we share two perspectives of feminism by acamedicians from University of Delhi.

First up we have Dr Pamela Singla, Professor at Delhi School of Social Work, sharing her views on feminism, and how she feels that institutions contribute in a major way to patriarchy.

Next we share the views of Ms. Bijayalaxmi Nanda, from Miranda House, who talks about how feminism to her means equality, and equal opportunity.

Over the course of the month we will be sharing the views of others, from various walks of life. If you have a video or blog to share on the issue of #FeministFeb, do mail it to us at writewithus@csrindia.org

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