Gender Definitions – Simplified!

“The soul has no gender” – Clarissa Pinkola Estes

What a wonderful thought! At Centre for Social Research, we have been working towards women’s rights and creation of a gender sensitive society for more than three decades. In the past few years, what has come to the forefront is that deeply linked to gender sensitivity, is the understanding of people who do not conform to traditional gender roles. In our deeply misogynistic society, it is only those who are ‘typical’ of their gender, who are accepted in larger society. Those belonging to the LGBTQ community, are often marginalized and shunned, and deprived of not only many rights, but also of social acceptance.

As affiliates of the It Gets Better Project, we (It Gets Better India) have been carrying out conversations with several prolific members of the LGBTQ community, on how these matters are dealt with in India. Adding to this, we have developed certain resources, to aid the lay person’s understanding of terms which are used in common parlance, but often are not clarified.

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