Gender Sensitization ‘Training of Trainers Programme’ Moradabad

Gender Sensitization ‘Training of Trainers Programme’ Moradabad

Centre for Social Research with the support of NHRC and UN Women is conducting Gender Sensitization ‘Training of Trainers’ programme across state police academies in India. In Uttar Pradesh, the programme was organised in Dr. B R Ambedkar Police Academy, Moradabad.

Facilitated by four team members of Centre for Social Research, Amitabh Kumar, Anubhuti Vatsayan, Mehak Jhingon and Vikram Sheoran, the TOTs intended to build the capacity of police trainers as an integral part of their training curriculum; to improve their understanding of gender within a human rights framework. The programme is designed in a way so as the personnels are empowered enough to act as the leaders for women’s human rights.

Gender Sensitization ‘Training of Trainers Programme’ Moradabad

In order to reach out to the concerned officials, an association with the state police academies of Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh was build up.

The trainings at Dr. B R Ambedkar Police Academy was attended by about 25 police officials. On day one, the sessions began with an ice breaking activity followed by building up the understanding of the participants on the basic concept of gender & sex through videos, interactive activities, gender quiz etc. The sessions on first day was facilitated by our senior trainer Amitabh Kumar, along with Anubhuti Vatsayan, Mehak Jhingon and Vikram Sheoran.

Another activity to communicate the concept of organisational hierarchy and the consequences of communication gap between the subordinates was conducted. The activity follows the concept of Tanagram where half of the officials enacted as bosses and rest of the group played the role of subordinates. The activity conveyed the consequences that a communication gap can result in. Next to this, Amitabh Kumar explained the concept of patriarchy through a video and then structured the conversation with examples and case studies.

Gender Sensitization ‘Training of Trainers Programme’ Moradabad

Day two of the training was facilitated by Mr. Manabendranath Mandal, Lawyer and Chairman of ATSEC (Action against Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation of Children). Given his experience and work in the field of Anti- Human Trafficking, Mr. Mandal was specially invited to hold sessions on the law enforcement agencies responsible to put an end to anti-human trafficking plus the violation of human rights of the trafficked victims. The day was closed with a discussion on the constraints in effective policing with examples and case studies.

The last day of the training was jointly conducted by CSR’s expert trainers Mr. Soumya Bhowmik and Ms. Anubhuti Vatsayan. The agenda of teh day was to touch upon topics like domestic violence and child rights – child labor, child marriage and sexual harassment at workplace legislation.

While Anubhuti explained the forms of violence that women are dealing with at different stages of their lives, Mr. Soumnya Bhowmik explained the elements of legislations of the Domestic Violence and Sexual Harassment At Workplace Act.

With the help of case studies, implications of child labor and child marriage was explained to the participants at the end of the session.

The training was concluded with a feedback from the police personnel where they were asked to pen down a change that the training has been able to brought in them. These views would be sent to the officials again after a month to analyse if they have been able to drive in the change in them.

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