Thank you Global Giving!

Last year, we initiated a fundraising campaign via Global Giving, to provide education to 40 girls in Delhi. The project was intended to sponsor the secondary costs of a successful education that families are not able to cover: additional tutorials/tuition, school supplies, books and uniforms, good nutrition.

We are happy to have received a wonderful response, for this campaign. From our initial target for $5000, we have so far managed to crowdfund $8930. Each of the 40 girls in the program received their initial pack of materials including a backpack, school supplies and a uniform. Since then, each of the girls has had a bank account opened, so as to receive funds which they will be using for school supplies, tuition, and other supports for their education.

In each of our six community centres our staff has set up a system to ensure that the contribution of Rs 12,000 per girl is going directly for support of her education, including student fees, tuition healthcare. In the coming year, we plan to expand this project, to benefit 400 girls.

While this was a great achievement in itself, we were pleasantly surprised to receive appreciation from Global Giving itself for our efforts, by awarding us Global Giving Rewards Superstar Status as on 31st December 2016.

GlobalGiving vetted Organization 2016GlobalGiving Top-Ranked Organization 2016


At Centre for Social Research, we have been using the power of social media for social change, in many of our recent projects and awareness generation campaigns. Our collaborations with Facebook and Twitter, are aimed to impart knowledge on the power of social media in creating change, among the youth of India. Social media provides a huge platform, wherein people from all over the world can be connected towards a common cause, thus, making it one of the best ways to crowdsource support towards a particular goal.

Therefore, we are thrilled with this token of appreciation from Global Giving, and hope to partner with them in our future projects!

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