Meeting with the Girls Volleyball Team in Gurugram

On 30th August 2017, CSR Team headed by Dr. Manasi Mishra along with Ms. Somya Bhatia collected data and did need assessment in Gurugram district by interacting with Girls Volleyball Team.

Dr. Manasi Mishra introduced the project “Sports for Girls” to the volleyball team and Mrs. Meenakshi, Volleyball Coach and explained what CSR Team intends to achieve through it. After which, the team voluntarily enrolled with the project.

Through the interaction with the girls while getting the questionnaire filled, CSR Team learnt that they belong to the economically weaker sections of the society. Their parents depend upon unsecured means to earn two square meals. Still, these girls enthusiastically participate in sports.

Mrs. Meenakshi, Volleyball Coach pointed out that for any sportsperson, to perform well and be physically fit, a well-balanced diet is a necessity. The economic condition of the players serves as a barrier in accessing it. Hence, to help them grow as better players and make them capable enough, a regular provision of power packed foods is required.

On being questioned by Dr. Manasi Mishra about the equipment facility, the Volleyball Team informed CSR Team that they had to contribute money to buy a new ball. All of them owned just a single pair of uniform.  None of them had proper shoes required to play.

Dr. Manasi Mishra along with the Mrs. Meenakshi, Volleyball Coach (Top L) and the Volleyball Team

CSR Team observed that apart from the talent and passion of the girls for Volleyball, none ofthe other essential conditions like nutritional intake, equipments, sports gear favored them. Despite having such inadequate facilities, they nonetheless give in their best.