Honda Surprise Visit

The project titled: “SHGs for Sustainable Water Resource management and Restoration of Water Resources – Alwar, Phase 3”, in collaboration with Honda2Wheelers, has been rolled out in the Umaren Block of Alwar, Rajasthan. Due to the nation-wide lockdown, the first activity for the project scheduled in March 2020, was postponed. However, since the lockdown has been eased, the project is back on track, and the Needs Assessment as well as Site Finalization activities have been successfully conducted as of June 2020.

Mr. Sandeep from Honda2Wheelers conducted a surprise field visit on the 13th of June 2020, to check the progress of the project. He met with the Technical Expert, Mr. Ratan Singh as well as the head of the local partner organisation, Mr. Pradeep Pundhir. This visit was conducted in Dhadikar, which is the site selected and finalized for construction. Here, the Honda2Wheelers representatives interacted with SHG women – they spoke about water management, livelihoods, as well as the future scope for work. We are delighted to know that the field visit was a success and have received positive feedback from both the Honda2Wheelers team as well as the local partner organisation.

The CSR team is now gearing towards conducting the Capacity Building Trainings and are currently engaged in preparing the Training Manuals for the same.

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