Injecting Feminism into your Funny Bone: The Advent of the female stand–up comics

‘Women can be pretty, not funny’. That is what is drilled deep into the spines of the society.

Like many other fields, women find it hard to be recognized in comedy too. What is shocking is that, comedy is that part of entertainment where we have hardly seen any women. However, with the coming up of stand-up comedy, women found a way to make a mark in the comic world. A multitude of female comics, with their well-timed humour and impeccable wit, are wiping-off the age-old belief that women aren’t funny.
And what is special about most of the female comics is that they talk a lot about feminism and social issues like assumptions and judgments the society makes about women, their career choices, their appearance, private lives etc. So here are some lines from popular stand-up comedians who gave feminism a touch of fun and sarcasm.

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Picture courtesy:

Emma Willmann on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Jen Kirkman: Telling True Stories (In Great Pants)

Taylor Tomlinson on Conan