Policy Dialogue on Pre-natal Sex Selection

International Conference: Policy Dialogue on Pre-natal Sex Selection

A two day Conference on International Policy Dialogue on Pre-natal Sex Selection was organised by Centre for Social Research with the support of Heinrich Boll Stiftung on 8th and 9th July at India Habitat Centre.

Policy Dialogue on Pre-natal Sex Selection

Graced by the panel of international and national speakers, the conference was a huge success in terms of policy recommendations that were received. The international panel from Korea, Vietnam, United States broadened the perspective and some of the best practices were shared during the conference.


The conference intended to bring together researchers and activists working on the issue of pre-natal sex selection to share their views, studies and expert opinions that can help us improve the situation and suggest some of the best tested recommendations to the concerned authorities. Along with this the national modus operandi of how the issue is dealt with, what has worked and what has not, was discussed through presentations by various Indian panelist.

List of Speakers:

Dr. Ranjana Kumari
Director, Centre for Social Research

Dr. Axel Harneit – Sievers
Country Director, Heinrich Boll Stiftung, India

Dr. Rakesh Kumar
Joint Secretary, MohFW, Government of India

Prof. Mary E. John
Senior Fellow, Centre for Women’s Development Studies

Ms. Frederika Meijer
Country Representative, UNFPA, India

Laura Rahm
Doctoral Candidate at Centre for Population and Development, Paris

Prof. Sung Yong Lee
Sociology Professor – Kangnam University, South Korea

Ms. Le Binh
General Advisor – University of Science and Technology, Hanoi

Dr. Mallika Kaur
Lawyer and Writer, Berkeley School of Law

Dr. Rebecca Tavares
UN Women

Dr. Rajnikanth. H. Contractor
MD (Gyanec) Member of Central Supervisory Board (CSB) PC & PNDT

Dr. Nomita Chandhlok
Scientist- ICMR, Delhi and member of Central Supervisory Board (CSB) PC & PNDT

Dr. Manasi Mishra
Head – Research Division, Centre for Social Research

Prof. T. V Sekher
International Institute for Population Sciences, Mumbai

Ms. Ena Singh

Advocate Varsha Deshpande
Satara, Maharashtra

Dr. Satish B. Agnohotri
Former Secretary Coordination – Cabinet Secretariat – Government of India

Dr. Bijayalakshmi Nanda
Associate Professor, Miranda House – Delhi University and Director, GRSF, Campaigner Against Sex-Selection

Dr. A. L Sharda
Director, Population First – Mumbai

Ms. Sonali Kusum
Research Scholar, Bengaluru

Smt. Lalitha Kumara Mangalam
Chairperson – National Commission for Women

Ms. Shalini Yog
Deputy Director and Coordinator for Programme on Macroeconomics and Gender, Heinrich Boll Stiftung, India

With a decade long experience of working on the issue of gender-bias sex selection, Centre for Social Research has been extensively working with the Government of India to deal with the unfortunate and grave situation in the state of Haryana.

The recommendations of the conference are being worked upon and shall be presented soon as a report. Please keep a tab on gendermatters.in for more updates on this.

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