Group of Women

Sugandha Singh Shares Her CSR Experience

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Centre for Social Research (CSR), an organization with whom I interned for four months (15th February to 15th June 2016). As part of my internship, I was posted at Chhatarpur’s Crisis Management Centre which is one of the many that CSR has established as an emotional and legal aide for women suffering from domestic violence. I was mentored by Ms. Rekha Dubey and Jahidaji who oriented, sensitized and gave me a chance to engage with the community through counselling and fieldwork survey. Through my internship, I also got a chance to understand how police and paramedics are trained in sensitization so that they can help the victims of domestic violence better.

Group of Women

As part of my duties as an intern, I created a database of information for CSR by segregating domestic violence court cases and those which were settled out of court with the help of the organization. In the duration of four months, I actively participated in assessing the social and emotional circumstances of 750 women in the community by reaching out to them individually through home visits. I am grateful for having learnt the art of counselling through my mentors because of which I could help women in the community reach an inner equilibrium. I would like to mention Yasmeen Rani who could testify the relief provided through counselling. I learnt a lot through my field challenges and today I feel better equipped to deal with obstacles that occur while working. I understand how difficult it is to initiate a rapport with a disturbed community who do not interpret an NGO’s intervention as a help and rather take an offence at the interference which they feel it is. My understanding is that lack of quality and advanced education is the reason for social instability in the community which leads to violence and infringement of human rights.I am deeply grateful to the organization who gave me this learning opportunity; especially Ms. Juthika Banerjee and Ms. Suhasini Mukherjee who have been at the helm of affairs and eager to help me when I needed it.

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Ms. Sugandha Singh has completed her Masters in Rural Development