As a Feminist, I can’t use the 4 letter word!

I know language is a form of rebellion, and I understand that unless we add F+3, how can we truly express our emotions. I grew up listening to Eminem, so trust me I get it. But before we go any further I would urge you to watch this:

Many people argue, well it’s not what you say, but how you say it. I agree to it, though the content itself plays a core role, irrespective of the packaging. Its like kryptonite for SuperMan, one could package it in a burger, a birthday gift or a bullet, it will have pretty much the same effect, except the bullet is the only time SuperMan would be expecting it.

The same analogy works for us as well, any time F+3 is used in a harsh baritone matched to a violent situation we get it, it is violence, Though even if it’s used in the most charming French wine, jazz music, with a fragrance of Vanilla sort of a way, it still remains equally disturbing to the mind.

I can hear all of you jump up in response- “But I call my girlfriend“F+3in beautiful, who is a feminist and calls the weather F+3in amazing, and our relationship is F+3in awesome.”

I had a friend in school, who used to call his Sandwich “Good shit”. Let me give you a pictorial reference of this

Sandwich & Shit

Now, just because popular culture promoted by the likes of R Kelly, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey tells us something is cool, is it really? Well the answer is a clear cut no! Just because we are not informed about something does not make it right.

The word F+3 existed in the English language for a long time. It was used to mean “to strike” in the fifteenth century, since then it has gained a lot of popularity and also changed it is meaning, though what has not changed is the violence it carries within its core. To be specific, sexual violence! No matter how it is packaged, no matter how numb we are to violence, it still does not make it right. Or may be it does, for those who do not care about discrimination, justice and equality. But for me that’s what feminism is all about, and hence promoting violence in form of verbal expression is really something I do not look forward to.