Time for #NayiSoch

Being a mother is considered to be the greatest role a woman can essay. Reams have been written and spoken about how it is the ultimate honour and purpose of a woman’s life to be a mother. Yet, how often are mothers recognized for all the love, hard work and sacrifices that go into raising children, and making them into good and successful human beings? How often do we look back and acknowledge the role of our mothers, in our lives?

This weekend, it was heartwarming to see three of our country’s leading cricketers acknowledge their mothers’ roles in their lives. Star Plus’s new campaign in collaboration with the BCCI entitled “Nayi Soch” includes three brand films, featuring Team India ODI and T-20 captain MS Dhoni, Team India test captain Virat Kohli and Team India vice-captain Ajinkya Rahane. In the brand films, the cricketers wear their mothers’ names on their team jersey, acknowledging the fact that one derives one’s identity as much from one’s mother as from one’s father.


Sanjay Gupta, Managing Director, Star India, said in a statement that “We at Star India are very happy to partner with BCCI for an iconic brand initiative of ‘Nayi Soch’. Star Plus has been a lighthouse brand for women,”. He added “We have always put women first, told their stories, and are now set to take it to the next level — by challenging orthodoxy and stereotypes that come in the way of progress for women.”

While the thought behind the campaign itself is extremely poignant, what has touched our hearts is the fact that leading cricketers have lent themselves to these films, and used their influence over their audiences in such an inspiring way. The simplicity of the campaign, along with the innovative hashtag #NayiSoch, in spreading the message of gender equality, by involving popular celebrities and their personal experiences, is noteworthy. While a woman often juggles various roles, professional and personal, societal rules and diktats often push her to the backseat. Campaigns like this, which bring influencers to the forefront, and shatter stereotypes in a simple and easy manner, are very much the need of the hour.

At CSR we have been espousing the cause of gender equality and women empowerment for over three decades. Through our Gender Training Institute, we aim to inculcate gender sensitivity among all members of society, to pave the way for an equal and flourishing society. Therefore, we appreciate the effort on the part of Star Plus and BCCI, for conveying the importance of a mother in a way which would definitely connect with all kinds of audiences, and perhaps make people pause and reflect on the importance of their mothers in their lives.

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