Parivartan Purush Sahbhagita Samiti: Men’s Change Committees

The Crisis Management Centre of Vasant Kunj organized a PPSS on 21st of September, 2015 at Kusumpur Pahadi. The training was facilitated by Ms. Yashi Srivastava and Mr. Arun Kumar. The training was aimed at equipping the community members with an understanding of gender and basic working knowledge about the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005.

Parivartan Purush Sahbhagita Samiti
Parivartan Purush Sahbhagita Samiti

The training began with asking the participants about what they understood when one says ‘Domestic Violence’. The answers were limited to physical violence and conflict. Ms. Yashi then informed about the various types of violence that are perpetrated on a victim namely, physical violence that is threat or actual harm to the body of a person, mental violence that is causing mental agony to the victim leading to psychological harm, sexual violence which could range from forced sexual intercourse to performing illegal sexual acts that abuse the mental and physical state of woman and lastly social and economic violence which means isolating the woman from her social circle and wrongfully taking away from her any means or resources.

This was followed by Mr. Arun explaining who can file a complaint and to which authority. A complaint can be filed by the victim herself, a relative of the woman or the child who is a victim of domestic violence, a doctor can also complain on behalf of the woman if he doubts a case of domestic violence, neighbor of any such lady.

In the next session the participants were apprised of the nodal agencies that can be contacted in an incidence of Domestic Violence. The authorities that can be approached are the Police, Magistrate and the service providers.

Next, the facilitators discussed the various remedies mentioned in the act. The right to residence is one of the most important rights of any lady who is or has been a victim of domestic violence. The lady should be provided with residence that is of equal level and status as before. She cannot be denied residence in case and the husband has to either rent or buy a house for the wife if they wish to live separately. The custody of the child is another remedy under act, in which the husband can also be denied visitation rights if the husband can harm the safety of the child and/or the wife.

The lady is to be given monetary assistance for any loss incurred by the women. She will also get financial help for availing health facilities and for subsistence. The court can also issue a restraint order where the husband cannot approach the wife or even enter the area where the woman resides or works. The court can also grant one-sided divorce in case the husband is not cooperative.

Lastly, the participants were explained in brief what CSR as an intervention centre can do for any such victim whether it is providing legal or family counseling or linking the community members to the various service providers such as Doctors, Police authorities.

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