#Pinkathon - A Noble Initiative!

#Pinkathon – A Noble Initiative!

Pinkathon, a programme conceived by Milind Soman aims at spreading awareness on the importance of healthy lifestyle for women. Their team has been in touch with us for past 2 -3 years but this was the first time I officially attended their press conference as a panelist on 9th June and I am glad I did.

#Pinkathon - A Noble Initiative!

In this long journey of 35 years, I have protested, shouted slogans, blocked parliament, hosted press conferences but all with the very active women brigade around. And, now it’s great to come across men who are equally concerned about the women’s issues.

Pinkathon was conceived as a project to promote healthy lifestyle for women and spread awareness about the concerns that put women’s lives at risk. To expand the reach of this initiative, Milind along with his team travels across India and organizes marathons. This, one of its kind running initiative has received an unprecedented response from every corner of our country. I also wish to mention the incredible work done by the promotional team of Pinkathon, who have made it popular across all possible online and offline platforms.

#Pinkathon - A Noble Initiative!

I belong to a generation where we protested with the likes of Betty Friedan, Naval El Sadavi, Pramila Dandavate
and probably rallies were one of the prime forms of spreading awareness on any issue. But I am really impressed by the creative minds today who have explored all possible platforms to seek support and raise their voices.

A steep rise has been observed in the number of cervical and breast cancer patients in India. With over seven lakh women cancer patients, we really need to relook into the kind of investment made for the health benefits of women and if they suffice to meet the increasing needs.

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