Shreya Bhatia

Out on a Limb: A Precarious Livelihood

Some of us are termed as incapable and evil,worth only to bless others so that others don’t turn out to be one of them.

The ones always seen with fiery eyes and gazed sight.

These bunch of beings are into a very orthodox,innovative,alike and extraordinary business unlike others.

The two extreme ends of human sexuality have an abstract between them where lie a poorly misunderstood group of ambiguously defined identities that very much are a part of the condition of a human but are forced to face rigid classifications.

And yes these bunch of beings are the TWO SPIRIT PEOPLE. Didn’t get it? Okay, Transgenders. Now we are into the business.

”Transgenders?” You mean those so called, alleged, self-professed, supposed, would be, insane, inhuman…hence, the reactions.

The notion that these ‘some of us’ are evil, ill, mentally sick, sexually dumb, freaks and delusional is the notion that now needs to be overcomed and evolved.

When Biology loves variations then why don’t the ones who are biologically-made?

Gender is up here,not down there!

As Einstein once said: “Everyone is a genius,

But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree,it will live its whole life believing it is stupid”

Can we now at least introspect how the Transgenders feel when they are forced into a task that isn’t made for them, they pity on their lives! If a Transgender can be the face of India ,representing the nation in the rest of the world,then that person is a genius in his own field as any other male or female is. A Transman is not good-for-nothing ,it is the society which binds and forces him to get down to his so called HEREDITY(no not the “biological” parents, but the actual alike ones)business: Dancing to eat,not respectfully but yes,Forcefully.

And it’s true with instances like these that yes we are living in the COLONIAL Period only,even after being ahead of the past. We think and underestimate ourselves and others very well rather than translating our minds and perspectives to the world outside. Moreover, sensitive issues need more awareness instead of blindly humiliating our own fellows on the basis of such demeaning-self-made-false notions.

Some of the nations like Britain has come up with a Gender-free-passport,i.e,people don’t have to declare their sex! That’s in a way good but why can’t we accept simply a person declaring his sex as a Transman or a Transwoman? We can’t always amend our ways just to adjust, we need to ACCEPT. It’s high time! Indians who believe in Karma (which is actually good,no offense)should afraid of behaving unnaturally with a Two Spirit Person as you can be the same, as in Re-birth( those who don’t believe in Karma should put themselves into their shoes!!)

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About the Author

A twenty year old pursuing Masters in Economics from Amity University and have done Bachelors in Economics too from DU. I have a passion for Dancing,a moderate reader and love to pen down my thoughts when it comes to a situation or an issue where I can opine with a tinge of humor.

Shreya Bhatia
Shreya Bhatia

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