Renewed Partnership with Honda2Wheelers

We are happy to announce that Honda2Wheelers India has extended its partnership with CSR for the project titled ‘SHGs for Sustainable Water Resource Management and Restoration of Water Resources – Alwar, Phase 3’. CSR’s projects in relation to water conservation and climate change are aligned with and are supportive of UN Sustainable Development Goal 5, 6 and 13, which supports women’s equality, and empowerment, and targets on increasing women’s participation in decision- making at all levels of governance.

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. has a history of working towards welfare for the society and Centre for Social Research has 35 years of grass-root level work experience which focuses towards building gender neutral society. Hence, the association resulted in a successful Phase I (2018-2019) where piloting of the project namely ‘Capacity building of SHG women for Sustainable Water Resource management and Restoration of Water Resources’ was undertaken in Kali-Khol Hamlet of Bakhtpura District of Alwar.

CSR recognizes the importance of women’s active participation in governance structures, and in management of natural resources, particularly given the increasing impact of climate change. With our new project, we aim to work through a bottom’s up approach where our grass-root level interventions will directly aim towards building the capacities of Self Help Group women (SHG’s), such that they become the agents of change in their own villages and mobilize and build a network to make their villages self-sufficient in terms of availability of safe water. Furthermore, the traditional water conservation structures that will be revamped will indirectly serve the purpose of fulfilling the water requirement of several residents of the villages.

Despite women’s engagement in many daily aspects of water management, they often lack knowledge and are uninvolved in planning for use and conservation of local water resources. CSR’s program focuses on building women’s knowledge and leadership, recognizing the important role they already play in local water management. Like many areas of Rajasthan, the arid environment and limited rainfall places pressure on water resources, and often creates shortages. The areas where the project is to be conducted are Hazipur and Dhandikar, Umaren Block, Alwar. The expected output of the programme is a role model village with apt water resources, check mechanisms, and efficient Self Help Groups (SHGs), which are self-sufficient and trained to deal with water issues.

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