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Multi Tweet Reporting Enabled on Twitter

Adding to the constant efforts to keep the community sheltered from abusive content and attacks online, microblogging website Twitter recently announced their new safety feature. This allows a Tweeple to attach multiple tweets in a single report so as to take the curtain off the barefaced abuse they have been facing online.

Illustrations Of Popular Mobile Apps And Social Media Sites

The new safety feature is developed to enable the users to provide additional content while they are reporting any objectionable tweet. Adding the multiple tweets will also help in determining the extent of abuse and makes it easy for the backend safety team to investigate the matter faster.

Cyberbullying has been really bothering the social media networks and the users. Trolling, offensive commenting, violent content has been discomforting and taking away the potential users of the online space. In this scenario, this effort by twitter will ensure the users that the network cares about their safety and also the tool is quite east to follow in terms of use.
(Multiple-tweet reporting will be rolling out across iOS, Android and the Twitter website soon)

If you come across any offensive tweet that you might want to report, follow the process below:

  1. Navigate to the Tweet you’d like to report.
  2. Click or tap the more icon ••• on web and iOS; or the overflow icon : on Android.
  3. Select Report.

Once you click on Report, you will be redirected to this window:

Keep following the instructions and in no time you can report the content.

It’s essential that the users also responsibly start using the safety features so that its usability can be checked and also, hate speech can be controlled in the online space. Till the time we do not counter the trollers, offensive content will continue circulating in the space and bother the users.

Social media giants like Facebook, Twitter have been taking important steps to make the online space free of hate speech but as the users, the onus is also on us to flag the content then and there and contribute towards a safe online space.

For more information on Safety on Twitter, visit Twitter Support Page