Participate in #SochKeBol

Participate in #SochKeBol

Centre for Social Research thought of #SochKeBol #सोचकेबोल to highlight the hate speech and its repercussions in the virtual spaces. Cyber Bullying, Trolling, Inappropriate/Abusive Comments, Posts are the issues that is taking the potential social media users away from these very useful platforms. With this campaign we are appealing to the believers of safe internet to come out and share their ideas on how everyone can contribute towards making the virtual spaces a better experience.

Participate in #SochKeBol

The #SochKeBol Competition – HOW CAN YOU PARTICIPATE?
Three people together have to send us a picture depicting the idea of :
Bura Mat Like Karo, Bura Mat Type Karo,  Bura Mat Share Karo

Get creative with props, placards, expressions Or anything that conveys this message brilliantly!

  1. Reach out to two of your friends/family/relative
  2. All three of you have to think of a creative picture
  3. Get it clicked in the best possible resolution
  4. Send it at

Alternatively, you can click a picture or video revolving around the theme of #SochKeBol #सोचकेबोल and share with us by tagging us on Facebook or Twitter.

We will share these pictures on our Facebook page, and most number of likes by the end of 16 days of activism (10 December) will be announced winner!

Winner will be rewarded with an Amazon gift voucher of Rs 10,000!!!!!!!

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