Social Media – New Domain for Activism!

Yesterday a tweet caught our attention in a big way:


When Ishmeet Nagpal saw this billboard and tweeted about it, little did she know the backlash she would generate for noted brand Jack and Jones. Many Twitter users retweeted and spoke about this particularly misogynistic billboard, until Jack and Jones India took note, and apologized for it.



While we are extremely disgusted with the nature of the billboard, and how even a menswear brand resorted to objectification of women to promote their products, we are quite happy with the fact that Jack and Jones India immediately issued an official statement and promised to withdraw the billboard to immediate effect.


This move shows that social media, has immense power to bring important issues to notice and get people to respond and act to it almost instantaneously. Whether it is mobilizing people for a movement, or in this case, just drawing attention to rampant chauvinism, Twitter, and social media in general, is a fantastic way to connect people from varied domains and walks of life, and get them to speak and react on a certain issue.

Our collaborations with Facebook, #SocialSurfing, and Twitter, #TweeSurfing, aim to channelize the power of social media in a responsible way, and enable the youth to understand the outreach and power of these domains to use social media for social change.

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