Social Surfing at University of Hyderabad

Social Surfing reached Hyderabad on 11th September for a workshop with the Media and Communications students at the University of Hyderabad. Dr. Usha Raman supported the programme that was attended by a total of 30 students.


The workshop began with a short introduction by Ms. Anubhuti on Centre for Social Research, followed by the objectives of the workshop. This discussion was carried forward with a short video that talked about the impact of social media and a detailed presentation on the history of internet.

Post this session, the Tangram exercise was facilitated by Ritika Bhatia and Vikram Sheoran. This activity helped the participants to build their understanding on different aspects of Communication.

One group was given the picture consisting of the shape that was to be created by arranging the tans and the other group had to follow the instructions. This exercise identified what sort of communication skills are required to effectively communicate with other individuals.

Next session was facilitated by Mr Vikram on security and safety settings on Facebook. Prior to this, a quick Q & A based on security settings of social media was conducted. Few students stated their absence on social media because they felt that it’s unsafe and not of much importance to them. This eventually led to explain how the users can control their security and limit the access to online information. A short video based on privacy settings was then screened.

Further, the idea of counter speech was introduced to the group by Ms Ritika and Mr.Vikram. The concept defines that the best way to deal with a bad speech is a better speech. This was explained with a video of Daniel Cui, a goalie who was motivated and encouraged to come back to the field and play his best. Lastly, the students came up with various social campaigns to bring in change through social media.

The response to Social Surfing at the University of Hyderabad was brilliant and the team was even requested to hold another workshop with a different faculty.

This programme intends to reach out to as many students possible so that they are assured of their online safety and are motivated enough to channelize their energy on social media for social change.

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