Social Surfing 2.0 at Chitkara!

On the wee hours of the morning of 6th September, a five member team from Centre for Social Research, comprising of Amitabh Kumar (Head of Media and Communications), Arnika Singh, Vikram Sheoran, Pratishtha Arora and Sonia Kaur Ghuman, left for a Social Surfing workshop at Chitkara University, Punjab.


Social Surfing had a successful run in its first phase last year, with about 36 workshops across 14 states of the country. This year, Social Surfing 2.0 aims to conduct a total of 70 workshops, and this one at Chitkara was the 24th.


The audience at Chitkara University was about 300 in number, who were very eager to know more about social media, and in particular Facebook, one of the most preferred social media platforms in the world. It was a highly interactive session, which stretched over two hours. In addition to the social fencing exercise, students also took a quiz on Facebook, which covered topics of safety, outreach and counter speech.


Additionally students were also divided into groups, and created social media campaigns on diverse issues such as gender based sex selection, domestic violence and girls’ education. Various relevant campaigns were created in this process, and interesting ways to tackle them on social media emerged.


It was a highly interactive session, and students were extremely involved and receptive towards the workshop. Our team follows a highly informal approach and often uses Bollywood and pop culture as references, to get our points across better.


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