Social Surfing

#SocialSurfing turns 3!

Thomas Jefferson famously once said “I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have”.

At Centre for Social Research, we have always abided by this, and never has it rung truer for us, than today. Our collaboration with social media giant Facebook, #SocialSurfing, has entered into its third phase, and simultaneously, we reached 50, 000 likes on the Social Surfing Facebook page!

#SocialSurfing started as a one of a kind experiment, on empowering the youth and millenials of India, regarding issues of online safety, and imparting skills on cyber etiquette and counter speech, to make their online experience an engaging, socially relevant, and safe one. With time, #SocialSurfing grew leaps and bounds, traversing the length and breadth of India, engaging many students, and encouraging discussions on online safety in a fun manner.

Social Surfing

In the previous two phases, we have successfully conducted 106 workshops, reaching out to over 15000 students across the country. As we begin our third phase, our most ambitious and exciting one, we plan to reach out to 300 colleges pan India. For this, we seek your help! If you would like our interactive and free-of-cost, workshop to come to your college, do contact us through our Facebook page, or this link-

Social Surfing Survey

As our real world and our online world are overlapping in a multitude of ways, it becomes a necessity rather than a luxury to empower oneself with knowledge about online safety and cyber etiquette. Social Surfing aims to demystify many of the common myths associated with Facebook, and make it a more socially relevant platform for youth to engage in.