#SocialSurfing visits Jeppiaar Institute of Technology, Chennai

This report was shared by the National Service Scheme Unit at Jeppiaar Institute of Technology, Chennai, after the #SocialSurfing workshop on 18th August, 2016

jeppiar 1

The session began by discussing the activities of phase 1 by the #SocialSurfing team, and it continued to the topic social media, its advantages and disadvantages. It was a very interactive session and students gained knowledge about Facebook and social media in general. Since Facebook was preferred by many students, the CSR team gave a brief introduction about it, and also talked about the privacy options on Facebook. It helped us to know that there are settings in place, in order to protect our personal account from being hacked by a third person.

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From this session the students came to know what are the do’s and dont’s of an individual on social media platforms. The team also conducted games, which served as a practical example, and made us realize the role of an individual in social media. The team also shared their personal experience which provided more information on the topic. On the whole it was a very informative and interactive session by the team of Centre for Social Research.

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