Shruti Jain speaks about #SocialSurfing

I would like to let you know that I’m a third year, Computer Science student who attended the workshop organized by Centre for Social Research. It wasn’t until I took this workshop on “#SocialSurfing” that I realized how much I didn’t know.

Shruti Jain- IP College, University of Delhi

Very basic things which we operate almost daily like Facebook and other social networking sites, have so many dimensions which we are not aware of. This workshop outlined the safety features of Facebook and various security measures which could be taken by us. I learned the need to secure the data and the measures by which we can control the information we provide online. No, I don’t need to be a genius to do this. I can simply start from where I am.

The message of #SocialSurfing was very conveniently passed through highly motivating and positive way which everyone could relate to.

Arnika ma’am, Hannah ma’am and Amitabh sir were very engaging, aware and enthusiastic! (I’m not good with remembering names but these people had amazing energy. How could I forget them?) The tangram game which was played by the teachers and the students was fun and challenging. It opened my mind to a new perspective on #SocialSurfing. The part where we talked about making online spaces more accessible to women was my favorite. I think it is the need of the hour to empower women in technical areas and let them create a whole new safer network.

Last part of the workshop was focused on how to create social media campaign. Different groups came up with different ideas. There were slogans, posters, songs and plays. It did not only gave me a platform to present my ideas, but also gave me a chance to interact with others and share viewpoints. After all, this is what #SocialSurfing is all about!

This very well conducted workshop was a treat for all IPites. The lessons I learned in these 4-5 hours are directly applicable to the social media platform and to life. For me, it was definitely, an eye opening and extremely informative experience. I’m very sure that anyone and everyone can benefit from these kind of workshops.

Way to go #SocialSurfers!

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