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We Can All Help Stop Violence

Gender based violence is not a new issue worldwide, but it is a subject that has been gaining attention in the last few years, unfortunately not as much attention as it deserves. Tragic events like what happened in 2012 in India are the tip of the iceberg, and are the kind of events that attracted media attention in a delicate matter, but are easily forgotten for those not involved; however, these things happen every day. It is unimaginable how many lives are destroyed every hour by violence, and should not be taken lightly. Short and long term consequences are faced by survivors (they were victims of a crime, but they survived, so I believe this should be the name they get, not victims), by their families, friends, community and their country.

The whole world should be involved in this matter. Countries like India that are, and have been for years, male dominated aren’t easily changed, but aren’t a lost cause, it just mean that there is more work to do. While there is still a woman or child, or male, suffering from gender based violence, the need to change and the fight for equality should never stop. Violence is violence; it is destructive, it is passed on from generation to generation, it happens all around the globe, and if we dare call ourselves the “superior species”, then it must be eradicated. Being part of the change is not only a privilege but an obligation for all of us. From our place in society we should keep trying to make a difference, no matter how small we think our contribution is. Sometimes the only thing a survivor needs is just to be believed, and that’s the least we could give them. It is the minimum anybody deserves, and it is something every one of us can give. Violent acts should not be forgotten, they should be eradicated. And that’s what we all need to fight against.

About the Author

“My name is Lucia Fikar, I am argentinian now living in Ireland. I am a psychologist specializes in legal and forensic psychology and GBV. I would really like to able to use my knowledge to help survivors of violence around the world.”

Lucia Fikar
Lucia Fikar

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