The Menial Realities of COVID-19 – Life a woman behind the scenes

It is my 18th day of practicing strict social distancing; as a camera shy person, I am awkwardly trying to get accustomed to video calls;wake up to the sound of birds chirping; casually looking at people in my society gossiping from their balconies; pretty much, life is almost on a stand still. But,let’s face it, while many of us might still be on our laptops working from home, playing online games, video calling our friends or making TikTok videos, we are getting called “lunch is ready!” or “come down for dinner”.

Our routine has changed completely;my highlight of the day is when I go downstairs for a walk within my society! However, there was this one moment on the day of the “Janta Curfew”, when I felt goosebumps while participating with the entire nation in complete synchronisation; clapping hands and banging utensils for all those who are risking their lives to ensure our safety and well-being. However, I guess we very conveniently assumed that for the rest of us everything is on a lockdown, it means holiday from schools and colleges, working from home minus the travel.But, how can we forget, that majority of the household work is done women in our homes and communities. Even under these unprecedented conditions as well, women continue to cook, tidy-up the home, wash the clothes, many of them are also working from home and oh, let’s not forget, continuously disinfecting everything (a couple of times at least!).

The other day, my mum asked me a very interesting question, “people are circulating MEMEs on how it will be difficult for men to stay at home with their wives, but why aren’t there any MEMEs on the other way around?”Her question really made me wonder about the provocative nature of these posts. Hence, I would sincerely request everyone to empathize with all those women who have been tirelessly working around the clock. We all can maybe try tolimit our unlimited demands of “make something special” or “Nahi, mujhenahi khana” (I don’t want to eat this). Rather, let us try to do our bit by maybe stretching out a hand to help because every action counts!

Well, I do agree, the “quarantine life” is not so great after all; we are struck by boredom, but trust me, most of us are definitely on the better side of it, because for some of us staying at home means being exposed to more danger; women who live in abusive relationships with their spousesand/or family have to bear the brunt of this pandemic. Hence, within a week of the lockdown, our team at Centre for Social Research have arranged for the circulation of the telephone number of our expert counsellors, who have been working with the community member through our Crisis Intervention Centres (C.I.C).

If you or anyone you is experiencing domestic violence or harassment at home please contact our Crisis Intervention Counsellors at:

KamleshPremi: +91-9810999398

Rakhi Sharma: +91-9213732208

So, hang in there people, we will get through it and soon we will be able to step out of our homes to feel the sun. But, until then, we need to behave responsibly; as individuals, part of such a beautifully diverse community, we have to support each other. Let us throw out all negativity and focus on being Grateful and Compassionate; in times like these, the survival mantra should definitely include gratitude towards whatever we have and to have compassion towards each other.

P.S. Let us stride to Acknowledge, Appreciate and Assist each other!

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