TweetChat on Community Standards on Social Media

On Thurday 10th November, Centre for Social Research, in collaboration with Twitter India, carried out a TweetChat with the hashtag #TweeSurfing, entitled “How Can Community Standards on Social Media be used more effectively?”


We had a panel consisting of esteemed and diverse personalities for this TweetChat- Dr Ranjana Kumari (Director of CSR, Kirthi Jayakumar (Founder of The Red Elephant Foundation), Kira O’Connor (Global Trust and Safety, Twitter), Karnika Kohli (Social Media Manager at Times of India) and Apar Gupta (Lawyer).

We had a fantastic response for our TweetChat, with over 500 Tweets in a span of a half an hour, and about 38 users engaging in it.


Twitter, is an excellent platform to engage in discussions and can be a very effective way of getting many people from different disciplines and walks of life involved in the same dialogue. Firstly, it’s informal and there’s no obligation to speak at any given point. And secondly, anyone can get involved, at any time, from anywhere in the world. All that’s needed is an active Twitter account and a unique hashtag. The convenience of it is a great advantage, to engage in a myriad of conversations regarding various issues.

In collaboration with Twitter, we will be rolling out a series of TweetChats in the coming weeks, on various issues related to cyber abuse, counterspeech and safety on social media platforms. Do keep tuned to this page to participate!