‘Understanding Equality’ – – Vision for Gender Equal India (Women’s Day 2019)

For me gender equality is not equality of women only but men and transgender people too. We need to understand the point that women are no less than men. So, no need to fight for equality. We already have that. We need the rights and adequate resources and upliftment with sufficient motivation to be equals.

When in future gender as a whole are treated as equals then no gender will be looked down. For this education and awareness plays an important role. Gender equality will predominate when the cultural shift is completed but it comes with education and that will take time.
Still in upcoming future when we as men, women or transgender treat all genders equally then in true sense we all have enriched in ourselves the words of the constitution and the rights it gives us of equality and freedom.
Each gender is unique in its own ways. Having its own pros and cons. And we cannot neglect it simply by stating it to be weak or strong. Thus we need to understand EQUALITY in true sense.
– Ms. Ishita Dhar (Miranda House, Delhi University)