Project Wajood – How Men Respond during Gender Sensitization Sessions

Mr.Nadeem, counselor, said “We make groups of women to sensitize and empower them. We also make groups of men. It is quite difficult to sensitize and mobilize men, and bring them to the center.”

Ms Piyali goes on to say “When we go to communities for gender trainings and sensitizations, we tell them about PWDVA, and how laws have been made specifically for women suffering from violence, so that these cases can be handled better and solved better. When we talk of all this, often in communities, this topic of men facing violence also comes up, and how there is no one to raise a voice for men. In such cases, we tell them that we are against domestic violence in any form, and we are not trying to discriminate between men and women. The PWDVA has been made, because women face more crimes, but it is not as if there are no laws protecting men who are victims.”

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