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Woman…? Who’s she? Whether a resource, rather an owned property of a man? Or his absolute strength? A behind the screen performer responsible /creditable for his success? Is she the one who’s enslaved by male fraternity? Is she the most protected, treasured wealth of a man, his Gruha Lakshmi? Is she a wise adviser (mantri), an able assistant who humbly underplays and yet prevents him from going wrong with mendicant prayers? Is she the one who averts the mayhems which could ruin him in no time but capitulate to him as her sole saviour? Is she the (ardhangini) one who ably aides him physically, financially, mentally and psychologically besides submitting all the credits of his prosperity and success to him?

woman indian

The ever known powerful women whether mythological or the ones known to have lived with flesh and blood were projected to the fore front due to the non availability of male alternatives. Career women of the yesteryears including my mother, mother-in-law and aunts were and are lauded as financial contributors, dedicated supporters or/and the substratum of their entire families that too mostly of their in-laws. However, neither have I queried how they felt about themselves whether happy or regretful nor I’ve asked how they intended to position themselves.

Who is a woman by herself Is she created with her virtues to aid the male fraternity? Is she given an identity or should she mask herself with the surname of her husband even if she’s self dependent? A woman transforms from Miss to Mrs with the onset of her marriage, but Mr is the address acquired by a man as he grows up and lasts with him up till his end. However proficient she may be, whatever status she had attained in her career, can a common woman evade shifting to her husband’s place after her wedding? In case of pursuing her career,if her job is not transferable, doesn’t she have to look for new placement or even to restart her career? Had she been an achiever then, doesn’t she have to abjure the recognition she ¬earned? Doesn’t she have to redo and replay a lot to regain her professional status besides running her domestic show? Home making is a collective responsibility of the man and the woman of the family, but we strange creatures tactfully put the onus on the female by hailing her as a home maker! Won’t it be sensible to begin a romantic married life in the place where the professionally better placed, better settled of the couple resides?

Both boys and girls are trained up with equal efforts, then why make the women play second fiddle? It’s distressing and rather frustrating to see pictures in many of the school brochures portraying the pictures of a boy seated in front of the computer monitor and a girl of same calibre standing beside him more like his personal assistant!

Aren’t there definitions and specifications framed by the society for the looks, behaviour, traits and responsibilities which a woman is supposed to possess to qualify her as a woman? Since the historic ages till this modern age, could even empowered women do away with the obsession of getting a pass/ top mark in looks, deeds, behaviour and various other clauses in the assessment report which the society issues them? Whether a decent or an appealingly sensuous outfit, aren’t the women of various categories and generations fastidiously conscious of the specifications set for their attire? Right from the olden period, up till the current day, what is the basis on which a costume is prescribed to a woman? Whether it is the physical appeal it causes or the convenience of the person wearing it? Art creations whether literature of historic era or modern silver screen or even operas, don’t they depict timidity, delicacy, embarrassment, fragility, helplessness, ignorance, dependence, inhibitions as the traits enhancing the appeal of women? Don’t these evince that the creators of these art forms seem to have underestimated the potential of women? Or, do these traits embellish the femininity?

It’s high time the female fraternity ponder brood over and realize their exact plight. It’s true that a woman loves to be a daughter, sister, better-half, mother, daughter in-law, sister in-law as it’s a blessing to enjoy these roles. Beyond these, does a woman need an identity of herself or not? WOMAN! Think!!

This is a creation born out of a mind of absolute equanimity. This is a cogent recording of sequential questions which erupted in me as a consequence of my observations of the happenings around me since my childhood. This is intended to invoke critical thinking. This is not to be misconstrued as a commencement of a fusillade.

Bye for now, see you soon with much more elicited, provocative thoughts!

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