A Woman’s Perspective of Coming Out

Hello! I am Shristi. I am queer and I identify as bisexual. I am an artist and I like expressing my feelings through drawings and paintings. I have majored in journalism and mass communication though I want to make career in arts. Along with this I like playing guitar, composing songs and writing poetries.

Life, milestones and turning points / defining moments

As cliché as it sounds but realising that money isn’t the actual happiness and doing what you actually like brings the real joy, was a real turning point for me. Then another big moment in my life was coming out. The love that I got from my family and close friends when I came out to them was overwhelming but comforting.


LGBTQ in India – the highs and lows

I am really happy that India is becoming more open on the topic of LGBTQ and stale mindsets are changing. Almost every state is witnessing Pride Parades and queer events. It is refreshing to see that people are becoming aware, accepting and even straight allies are supporting in huge numbers. Although all this is great but there are some serious issues prevailing in the queer community that is often overlooked like domestic violence, violence, sexual harassment, consent etc. These ailing problems are often ignored and assaulters go unpunished. There isn’t enough awareness regarding this which is very dangerous for our queer community and humanity in general.

Queer activism

The moment I realized I am not straight, I started a queer page on Instagram – Shayxme, as I was not out then and needed a place to express my queer feelings and emotions. This page of mine is still functional, where I depict my queer artworks and illustrations.

It has helped me to grow more comfortable with my sexuality and to connect with other amazing queer people. I have attended prides and have volunteered in a lot queer activities, even in queer flash mob. I know that pride, queer events and visibility are important, but along with these I want people to know that addressing the ailing issues within the community is as important. The knowledge that a girl can rape another girl and a guy can sexually harass another guy, is not just vital but need of the hour. I want I to spread awareness regarding the less talked issues (violence, sexual harassment, consent) in the community that are often ignored.


The thing that keeps one going in life

 Art and artists inspire me a lot. Happiness and peace is what I seek the most. Making people feel good through my artworks makes me happy. I am always on the outlook to learn new things, meet new people and make life worth living. Then obviously my family and friends are always there as my rock. All these things collectively help me moving forward.

A message

 “A question that sometimes drive me hazy: am I or the others crazy” – Albert Einstein

I often question myself that am I actually weird and crazy but then I answer my own self doubts, that it is okay even if I am different. That’s what makes me unique – my craziness and weirdness. So I would just say to you all that be weird, be awkward but don’t stop doing what you like, whatever you love and being who you are. Do whatever makes you happy until and unless it is not making others unhappy.