Women's Reservation Bill

Meeting at Uttam Nagar, on Women’s Reservation Bill

Centre for Social Research (CSR) in coordination with “National Alliance for Women’s Reservation Bill” is undertaking a petition drive and organizing meetings with citizens, with the aim of awareness generation regarding the Women’s Reservation Bill, along with seeking support for the Bill.

In this sequence of meetings, a meeting with community people was held at Uttam Nagar in New Delhi on 11.05.2018. Our colleagues at the Crisis Mediation Centre, Ms Rakhi Sharma and Ms Sunita coordinated with local Anganwadi functionaries, and the meeting was attended by over 80 women. Ms Archana Jha from CSR interacted with community women and discussed about women empowerment as well as the requirement for political empowerment of women. She also discussed about the importance of passage of Women’s Reservation Bill in the parliament. Community women participated enthusiastically and provided their written support for the Bill.

Ms Archana Jha, Project Lead, said “Interacting with community women was a great experience, and we are undertaking more meetings with community people for awareness generation and for seeking people’s support for WRB.”