Breaking away from patriarchy

#AllGenders Tweetchat

On 18th July 2016, Centre for Social Research hosted a half an hour Tweet Chat with our esteemed seven member panelist. We asked them five questions to which they replied. Here’s what they said:

Q.1: How to improve our educational system to ensure that we break away from patriarchal norms?

Education and patriarchy

Adding to her comment on breaking away from patriarchal norms, Ms. Sona Mohapatra added, “Narrative needs to change. Patriarchal stories, role models & messaging bolster patriarchal societies.Our treasure trove of progressive writers & poets need to be brought to the forefront in our textbooks.”

Q.2: How can we engage men to be equal partners in the gender equality movement?

Men and gender movement

Q.3: Should youth icons and public personalities be held responsible for sexist comments and how can these comments be reduced?

Icons and freedom of speech

Q.4: How can we ensure gender parity at workplaces?

Gender parity and work

Q.5: How can we ensure equal representation from #AllGenders in the political system?

Gender and politics

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