Proud to Partner with Twitter

Last year, Social Media giant Twitter created the #PositionOfStrength campaign in order to help women use Twitter to its full potential by leveraging the platform to speak out on the issues important to them. In Asia, the first #PositionOfStrength campaign was launched in Delhi in February 2016, and subsequently in Dubai, Singapore, and Indonesia. Last weekend on 30 April, they took this initiative to Bengaluru for the first time.


The online space is steadily turning into a domain of choice for many people wanting to speak out about certain social issues, or raise their voices. In this regard, it is important that women feel safe and secure in this space, and are able to voice their opinions, without worrying about trolls or online harassment.

To promote a safer online environment for Twitter users in India, they are partnering with experts from a wide range of organisations that enable them to receive continuous feedback on their safety mechanisms and produce educational resources for our diverse users. CSR is happy to partner with Twitter in this initiative of theirs, in a combined effort to promote gender equality. We have already had a successful partnership with Facebook for our #SocialSurfing project, which carried out a series of workshops in order to promote positive and gender sensitive online experiences. To be associated with Twitter is a matter of great pride for us, and we are only too happy to take our mission of a gender sensitive society, to the cyber space.

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