Dance and Music

Dance And Music Competition – #SocialSurfing

Are you one of those people with a Mohawk, an electric guitar and a devil-may care attitude? Or are you someone who carries a boom box over their shoulders, breaking into pop and lock while waiting for the bus? This is your one chance to prove your singing and dancing talents to the world.

Dance and Music

Whether, you follow classical, rock or bollywood. Whether you perform solo, duet or in a group. Whether you are an avid enthusiast of freestyle or ballet. This contest has no hard set rules. If you have the talent and the thirst to create change, then get ready to sing and dance for a social cause. Pen down a song or choreograph a dance number on the topic, “social media for social change”, or “Access is Empowerment”.

So Centre for Social Research and Facebook gives you a unique opportunity to do something creative, fun and socially relevant. Follow these simple steps to add your entry for the contest and become a winner.

  1. Work out your steps with your crew, or get those notes together with your band. We are open to all creativity expressing ‘Access is empowerment’ and ‘Social media for Social Change’.
  2. Record your awesome performance (5 minutes or less)
  3. Upload it with the hashtag #SocialSurfing in the title. This is essential as it helps us keep track of your entries on Facebook/YouTube/Vimeo or other social media platforms.
  4. Fill up the form on our website and send it to us.
  5. We will watch the video and share it on our Facebook page (and notify you).
  6. The team whose AdMad entry receives most likes will win an E-voucher from Flipkart worth Rs. 5000 and certificates for all team members.
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