Poster and Photo Graphy

Poster And Photography Competition – #SocialSurfing

As a child when your class teacher tried to teach you English alphabets, did you say A for aesthetics, B for bold strokes and C for Canvas. If yes, then we have just the opportunity to showcase your artistic talent. Use your creativity to paint the canvas on the topic, “social media for social surfing”, and “Access is Empowerment”.

Poster and Photo Graphy

If instead of the canvas, you’d like your camera to do the talking, click away for a social cause and quench your artistic thirst. A good example of using art and pictures for a social cause would be the Save Our Sisters campaign. The campaign created posters designed like the Hindu goddesses, posing in the traditional manner. What stands out in the pictures, is the bruises, scratches and the stains of fresh blood on the faces of the goddesses. The faces of the goddesses, instead of being relaxed and smiling, is perturbed and brooding.

The campaign combines art with a social message. So pick up your brushes and cameras and put on your artistic hat. Do the following steps and send in your entries.

  1. Get your crayons, grab your camera, setup that canvas, think about ‘Access is empowerment’ and ‘Social media for Social Change’.
  2. Unleash your inner Da Vinci.
  3. Upload it with the hashtag #SocialSurfing in the title. This is essential as it helps us keep track of your entries on Facebook/YouTube/Vimeo or other social media platforms.
  4. Fill up the form on our website and send it to us.
  5. We will watch the poster/photography and share it on our Facebook page (and notify you).
  6. The team whose poster or photograph receives most likes will win an E-voucher from Flipkart worth Rs. 5000 and certificates for all team members.
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